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Are scratching sounds coming from inside the walls waking you up at night? Is there a strong smell of urine and feces in your home? Are you finding wires and other objects that look like they’ve been chewed?

You likely have rodents in your home or building. It is important to note that rodents (mice, rats, etc.) may carry viruses and diseases, which can be very dangerous for humans. In addition to transporting microbes in their fur, rodents can spread diseases through their urine or feces, ie. leptospirosis and salmonellosis. Symptoms may be similar to gastroenteritis (salmonellosis) or range from fevers to haemorrhages, and some rodent-borne diseases can even be fatal. It is therefore crucial to resolve any kind of problem quickly, and ideally by a professional.

 Extermination Rats, Souris
 Extermination Rats, Souris

The methods used during the extermination process depend on the number and type of pest in your home or building. Our experts follow a strict protocol that includes identifying the rodents’ point of access, to laying bait and professional traps. If you are in Montreal or on the city’s North Shore, in Laval, the West Island or Lower Laurentians, don’t hesitate to contact our qualified team.