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Based in Laval, Roger Extermination can take care of capturing any raccoons and squirrels that have entered your home or business.

We serve clients in Laval, Montreal and the Laurentians.

Raccoon and squirrel capturing specialists

A raccoon or squirrel’s natural instincts can put you in danger. If these animals have found a way into your home or commercial building, they can make a mess by wrecking the furniture and even the very structure of the property itself. As pest extermination experts, we combine resourcefulness and technical skills to capture raccoons and squirrels that have deliberately or accidentally entered your home or business.

We carefully and quickly catch raccoons and squirrels

Capture de ratons laveurs & d’écureuils Laurentides
Capture de ratons laveurs & d’écureuils Laval

Personalized raccoon and squirrel capturing service

Call our specialists and put an end to any raccoon and squirrel infestation problems. We know all about these animals’ behaviours as well as their favourite locations (attics, fireplaces, kitchens, etc.). We only proceed with the capture after conducting a site survey. For your convenience, we also handle different types of insect extermination: carpenter ants, bedbugs, spiders, cockroaches, wasps, hornets, earwigs, bees, rats and mice.

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