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Located in Laval, Roger Extermination specializes in the eradication of insects and pests.

We operate throughout Montreal, including on the city’s North Shore and in the Laurentians.

About us

Our exterminators put an end to any insect and pest infestations, including cockroaches, bedbugs, wasps, hornets, earwigs, bees, mice and rats. As a member of the Association Québécoise de la Gestion Parasitaire (AQGP) as well as the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), we guarantee safe and effective services. Eradicating carpenter ants and other types of ants is our specialty. It is important to note that some insects can pose a real danger to your and your family’s health. In addition to transmitting diseases, they disrupt your comfort and affect the cleanliness of your home. It is therefore essential to follow-up with proper extermination.

30 years of experience working in pest extermination

Exterminateur Laurentides
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Pest extermination, a necessary process

Ants enter your home or office looking for food. Although most are harmless, carpenter ants dig tunnels which can cause damage to your building. Furthermore, bed bugs are dangerous as these insects feed on blood while people sleep. Difficult to eradicate, these pests often travel via fabric and clothing. That means, staying at a hotel or a friend’s home that is infested is enough for transmission. Calling extermination experts is therefore the best option for managing the situation. As professionals, we offer different solutions to get your pest problem under control.

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